Reece Donovan



Reece Donovan

Innovative and tenacious full stack developer with 20+ years of programming experience, taking initiative at every possible step.

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  • City: Geelong, Australia
  • Age: 36
  • Employed: 16 years

My Principles

Take initiative

Always proactively address shortcomings or sub-optimal processes in systems

Quality is paramount

The correct and robust path is often not the easiest one - regardless, always choose quality

Deliver fully

Hammer through the difficulty of the "last 10%" and deliver fully with something truly great

Users first

Program to delight users, not to service an ego

Iterate to great

Get the basics down first, then iterate with fine-tuning and optimisation

Be tenacious

Don't stop until the best possible outcomes are achieved

Open to change

Be open to new technologies and methodologies in pursuit of better outcomes

Love the game

I don't do it because it's a job, I do it because I love it



Reece Donovan

Innovative and tenacious full stack developer with 20+ years of programming experience, taking initiative at every possible step.


Diploma of Information Technology (Website Development)

2006 - 2008

Gordon Institute, East Geelong, VIC

Graduated with High Distinction in all units. The course covered: Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Database Principles and Management, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Project Management, Workplace Skills, Flash, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel, Access, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET

Victorian Certificate of Education

2000 - 2005

Western Heights College - Minerva Campus, Herne Hill, VIC

Graduated with High Distinction (85.25). Studied: English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths Methods, French, Media

Professional Experience

Senior Programmer

2008 - Present

Gieman IT Solutions/Sony Music, East Geelong, VIC

  • Lead programmer on 2 major SONY Music internal business application projects for processing and forecasting digital revenues
  • Lifting and refactoring the monolithic front-end architectures of the aforementioned projects to true MVVM (about 10 years of iterative code reviewed, improved and migrated)
  • Lead programmer on numerous smaller SONY Music projects
  • Internal CTO duties including: code reviews, standards enforcement and spearheading new technologies
  • Recognising poor processes and proactively creating solutions to optimise and automate workflows to deliver better outcomes to our clients
  • Company-wide mercenary problem solver. The problems that no one can solve often flow to me, and I get them solved!
  • Working closely with our lead system administrator to inform and design server architectures
  • Resided in Munich, Germany for a year (2015) to embed with SONY Music and gain an unparalleled knowledge of the internal business processes


True full-stack experience derived from being part of the core founding group in a tech startup. Whether the company lived or died depended wholly on our ability to deliver on all aspects of the stack. With such a small starting team, this meant that I had to be truly proficient in all of them.


Java, Spring Framework/Spring Boot, EclipseLink, JPA, Hibernate, PHP


Sencha/ExtJS, JavaScript, AJAX, WordPress/CMS, Bootstrap, CSS, UX


MySQL, Oracle, JSON


Linux, Tomcat, Glassfish, Domain and DNS Management, AWS, Oracle OCI, Lambda/Node.js


Git, JIRA/Confluence, PuTTy, GIMP, Slack/Slack API, Microsoft Azure, Office/O365 Suite, cPanel


Video editing, Android software development, ActionScript, Gaming console hacking, Mobile phone hacking, RaspberryPi, Arduino, Electronics/repairs, Pinball

My Story

I knew from the start I was playing against the odds trying to get a fulfilling IT job in Geelong. Those odds became starkly apparent upon completing my VCE in 2005, when I visited a local employment agency and expressed my interests in IT. A staff member claimed that there was little work in the field and suggested I try boiler-making instead. Geelong wasn’t exactly the place for cutting edge web development companies!

Undeterred, I went on to study Information Technology (Website Development) at The Gordon (East Geelong Campus). It was there that I had my first experiences with Linux systems and the Java programming language. Towards the end of the diploma, a teacher mentioned that a new web development company ‘Gieman IT Solutions’ was opening up in Geelong and encouraged students to apply. I initially applied for one of the web design jobs, but Gerald saw that my study of the sciences in VCE, the Java language at The Gordon and my scientific brain would be better suited to programming and web development. It took me a little while to realise it, but he was completely right.

And so it was. Reece Donovan – Programmer.


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